I just love T-shirts with awesome graphics. Just love them. And I have so many old worn out T-shirts with awesome graphics that I just cannot dump away. Because I love them. And as a graphic designer, my passion has always been designing T-shirt graphics. When designing a brand identity, the first implementation where I test my logo design is usually a T-shirt. Even if the brand does not need one.

As a windsurfer, I've been in love with ocean, wind and waves for many years now. I run a windsurf importing and sales business on a side and of course I've been designing T-shirts for Wind & Waves.
Last winter, I took my iPad and Apple Pencil and started to sketch new T-shirt for coming season. I ended up with few good options and I could not decide what to make. I wanted to do them all.

So, here we are, the start of Wind & Waves Clothing Company with three first graphics of ocean, wind and waves. Super thrilled to get into this, don't know where this leads (or does it lead anywhere), but stoked anyway. And so grateful of the feedback I've got so far, thank you all!


As the ocean is the source of happiness and wellness, it is more than important for us to choose the right partners to provide nature friendly, sustainability and social responsibility production chain from the cotton field to the ready printed product. 

Our products are produced mainly in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Most of the products are OEKO-TEX, GOTS, and/or OCS certified. Our products are with long durability that can withstand washing and use without major changes in color and fit.


All graphics are self designed by Thero Design / Tero O. Nieminen or exclusively invited designer. All designs are ocean, wind or waves related. The graphics are printed with high quality screen printing in Finland.

We start with three different print designs, but will continue exploring our source of inspiration and will for sure produce more images to print on canvas! 

You can browse our products also by graphics:


Our big brother brand Wind & Waves imports and sells surfing and windsurfing equipment. If you are looking high quality gear, check out our site at windwaves.fi